The qmail installation


Before you start the installation, plese read the disclaimer.
The Qmail installation tutorial comes in the following flavors. Choose the appropriate OS to start the tutorial.
QMR for Redhat products
Redhat - The original Qmailrocks guide. Designed for Redhat 7.x, 8 and 9 as well as Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 and Fedora Core 1 & 2.
The FreeBSD QMR install
FreeBSD - Designed for FreeBSD 5.1. Installed from source, for the most part, and not from ports.
QMR via Debian
Debian - Designed for Debian 3.0r1. Exactly the same as the Redhat tutorial, except for a few apt-gets here and there.
QMR, slackware style
Slackware - Tested on Slackware 10. Exactly the same as the Redhat tutorial, except for a few tangents here and there.
The Solaris QMR installation guide
Solaris - Developed for Solaris 9. All the reliabilty of qmail coupled with all the fun you'd expect from Solaris 9.



Color Coded Qmail Installation Key
Regular Black Text 
 Qmail installation notes and summaries by the author. Me talking.
Bold Black Text 
 Commands to be run by you, the installer.
Bold Maroon Text 
 Special notes for Redhat 9 users.
Bold Red Text 
 Vital and/or critical information.
Regular/Bold Purple text 
 Denotes helpful tips and hints or hyperlinks.
Regular Orange Text 
 Command line output.

Regular green text 

 Denotes the contents of a file or script.
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