Release Merchandise 2005 pens are here!

Official merchandise is here! Yes, I've finally given in to the shameless marketing of promotional goods to help raise money to cover the server costs and to buy me Mountain Dew. I'll be starting off the merch campaign with these handsome silver and blue ball point pens. If the pens do well, I'll be offering squishy balls and maybe even t-shirts. All proceeds from the donations will go toward paying the server bills and funding my Mountain Dew expenses, thus enabling me to stay up all night working on the site. Impress your friends! Be the talk of the town! Girls will want to get to know you! All these things could* be yours when you sport your official merchandise!

Donations can be made via paypal using the link below. U.S. residents will receive a FREE "QMAILROCKS.ORG 2005 Active Supporter" pen with a $10 donation! I'm not a factory, so please allow a couple weeks for delivery

Donations can be made via Paypal. The link below will take you to my donation page.

Donations can be sent via US mail to:
P.O. Box 89172
Atlanta, GA 30312

* a snowball's chance in hell


Color Coded Qmail Installation Key
Regular Black Text 
 Qmail installation notes and summaries by the author. Me talking.
Bold Black Text 
 Commands to be run by you, the installer.
Bold Maroon Text 
 Special notes for Redhat 9 users.
Bold Red Text 
 Vital and/or critical information.
Regular/Bold Purple text 
 Denotes helpful tips and hints or hyperlinks.
Regular Orange Text 
 Command line output.

Regular green text 

 Denotes the contents of a file or script.
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