Release Disclaimer!

It is my hope that most people who come to this site do not need to worry about this disclaimer, but since there are plently of idiots out there, I felt I would have to spell it out...


Yes, you heard correctly. I am not responsible for what you do to your system. You are. is not an official Qmail website and is not affiliated with any official Qmail organizations. My installation is in no way, shape or form guaranteed to work on any system. This website is a mere documentation of my own installation of Qmail which I happen to like and which happens to work on my servers. This does NOT mean that it will work for you. Do not take this intallation documentation as a literal bible of how to install Qmail. Systems will vary and needs will vary and I can almost guarantee that you will have to make some tweaks, changes and adjustments relative to your system and your particular needs in order to get a working Qmail installation that makes you happy. I cannot guarantee that you will not completely crash your system while trying to install Qmail (though you'd have to try pretty darn hard). I have said it on other parts of this site and I will say it now: USE A TESTING SERVER THE FIRST TIME YOU INSTALL QMAIL!! I am not responsible for some fool who tries to install Qmail on his server that's hosting 50,000 domains and then breaks the whole server. ALWAYS DO A TEST INSTALL FIRST! You should never install Qmail, or any other program for that matter, on a live production server until you have tested it thoroughly and you are confident in your ability to handle the install and any problems that may arise as a result of the install. In plain, simple English:



Color Coded Qmail Installation Key
Regular Black Text 
 Qmail installation notes and summaries by the author. Me talking.
Bold Black Text 
 Commands to be run by you, the installer.
Bold Maroon Text 
 Special notes for Redhat 9 users.
Bold Red Text 
 Vital and/or critical information.
Regular/Bold Purple text 
 Denotes helpful tips and hints or hyperlinks.
Regular Orange Text 
 Command line output.

Regular green text 

 Denotes the contents of a file or script.
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