Release Mailing List

Well, here it is. The Mailing List. This is the first rendition of the list server and I'm sure I'll make some changes and improvements with time. In the meantime, enjoy!

Members of the mailing list will receive occasional bulletins from me, the list moderator, concerning important events and vital security information (when applicable). Subscribers will also be able to communicate with each other via the mailing list.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to: . The subject and contents of the message you send are unimportant. You will then receive an automated confirmation e-mail from the mailing list. Once you reply to the confirmation e-mail, you will be added to the list. Please read the QMR mailing list rules of conduct thoroughly to ensure you don't piss anyone off.

How to use the mailing list
List members may post messages to:
List members may request a message archive index at:
List members may request spefic selections from the archive at: [email protected] (where xxx = archive number)
List members may request further help at:
You can unsubscribe from the list at any time by sending an e-mail to:

QMR mailing list rules of conduct

1. What you can expect - The QMR mailing list is relatively busy and will only get busier with time. This means you will be getting a lot of list e-mails every day. You'll probably be better off if you channel all list email to a certain place. Either create yourself a special e-mail address to which only list e-mails come or, if you using a mail client such as Outlook, create a special folder for list mail to arrive into and then create a mail rule that will place all incoming list related e-mail into that folder. Using one these tactics will keep you from getting aggrevated with the amount of list e-mail that comes in on a daily basis.

2. Remember what you are doing - Always remember that when you send a message to the list, you are sending it to a lot of people. So please try not to flood the list and always be polite and courteuos to others. The rules of courtesy apply to both seasoned pros and newbies. Try not to use the list to send personal emails to me or other list members. If you have something personal to say, email me or the intended recipient directly. In other words, since your posting will be recieved by everyone on the list, try to make all postings something that will benefit everyone.

3. Profanity - No profanity or otherwise innapropriate language will be tolerated.

4. Flaming - Simple. No derogatory flaming. If someone asks a stupid question, try to be nice. Everyone's been a newbie at some point.

5. "High Priority" messages - When posting to the list, please do not mark your message as "high priority". This will surely get you booted.

6. Delivery receipts - When posting to the list, do not use a "delivery receipt" that requires that the recipient confirm delivery. Again, this is a good way to get kicked off the list.

7. Attachments - Do not send attachments to the list.

8. Autoresponders - Please avoid using "vacation" messages, "out-of-office" messages or other types on autpresponders on your list address. If I see an autoresponse from you, I will not ban you from the list but I will have to remove you until you turn it off.

9. Shouting - Please, no shouting. By "shouting", I mean that THIS IS SHOUTING.

9. Annoying e-mail subjects - Please do not use annoying and undescriptive subjects for your e-mails. Use a brief subject that describes the nature of your question/message. Do NOT send a message with a suject of "PLEASE HELP!!!!!!" or anything like it. Those e-mails are, quite frankly, arogant and annoying.

10. Repeated identical posts - When posting to the list, do not send the same question over and over and over. I consider 3 versions of the same question from the same person a generous limit. Again, if you're looking for a way to get booted from the list, this is a good way.


I reserve the right to eject and/or ban anyone from the list at anytime should they break any of the above regulations.



Color Coded Qmail Installation Key
Regular Black Text 
 Qmail installation notes and summaries by the author. Me talking.
Bold Black Text 
 Commands to be run by you, the installer.
Bold Maroon Text 
 Special notes for Redhat 9 users.
Bold Red Text 
 Vital and/or critical information.
Regular/Bold Purple text 
 Denotes helpful tips and hints or hyperlinks.
Regular Orange Text 
 Command line output.

Regular green text 

 Denotes the contents of a file or script.
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