Part 3 - EZmlm

EZmlm is a nice mailing list add-on to Qmail. I've used it several times myself and its actually one of the better mailing list programs out there. When we install Qmailadmin later on, you'll see that EZmlm integrates seamlessly into Qmailadmin to provide a very user friendly mailing list management interface. As an added bonus, Vpopmail (which we will install as well) will let you control what users can and cannot use mailing lists! Can't beat that!

So let's install it...

cd /downloads/qmailrocks/

tar zxvf ezmlm-0.53-idx-0.41.tar.gz

cd ezmlm-0.53-idx-0.41

make && make setup

If you don't get any errors, then ezmlm is all set up and ready to go!

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